Lush Green Campus

The Campus comprises of a spacious brand new building elegant and imposing against a backdrop of vast green fields and lush green lawns. The vast play fields surrounded by evergreen trees attract and lure the sports lovers. The classrooms, lobbies, labs, library and work places are suitably designed to keep them airy, full of light and freshness.



The Library is well stocked with latest titles. Magazines, Journals and newspapers come in large number for reading by students. Here children, teachers, visitors and parents may go at any time, when other duties do not call. Cleanliness, display of books, tasteful decorations and exhibits of children's work wall magazines are provided for the readers.


Computer Complex

There is a special computer complex for all the students. The Internet facilities are provided to all students.


Science Labs

The Science labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and life Sciences, are fully equipped with the requisite apparatus, chemicals and appliances.


Music Room

There is separate Music, Dance & Acting room for the young children. The School has its own Public Address System & Musical instruments.


Subject Lab

Labs for Mathematics, Geography, History & social science have been added for student activity & projects taken up by them.


Smart Classes

Teaching in today’s world is no longer limited to the blackboard only. At C.M. Public School, we have employed latest methods of teaching to make learning fun as well as easy for the child. Interactive learning sessions with the help of computers & projectors ensure that the child gains maximum knowledge and is able to retain what is being taught in the classroom.



The school provides transportation for the students who require it at an additional nominal fee.

Play Ground