President's Office

I welcome you on the behalf of C.M. Public School, Rajpura and thank you for showing your interest in us. C.M. Public School is a place where a student will learn to live, work and play with the teachers and other children. The school aims at the development of four factors of the student namely: Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical. The development of all these factors in a student will help to achieve the overall integrity so that the student can face this challenging world without fear.

At C.M. Public School, this holistic development of a student is attained through academic excellence, professional competence, interpersonal, and societal skills. Integrity, Excellence and Empathy are our guiding principles, which are reflected in every activity of the School.

We take care to inculcate these values among our students while shaping and sharpening their mindsets by the academic and extra co-curricular programs. Due emphasis is placed on exposing our students to real life situations of the present world and facilitating interaction with the best of minds. I look forward to welcome you to this institution.

S.L. Anand